Less and More

The design ethos Dieter Rams

With more than 500 exhibits on 1000 square meters of exhibition space, the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt is opening the exhibition "Less and More - The Design Ethos Dieter Rams".

Dieter Rams worked for four decades, from 1955 to 1995, as a designer in Frankfurt-based BRAUN. Since 1961 he has been chief designer and head of a large design team, setting new standards in product design and receiving the most recognition worldwide. The BRAUN design became a design attitude.

For this extraordinary exhibition, the complete photo, picture and textil production was taken over by MARTINCOLOR. In the exhibition rooms numerous large white walls offered themselves to the "DIGITAL WALL COVERING". Due to this special printing process, MARTINCOLOR printed wallpapers with individual motifs and stuck them directly in the exhibition area. For example, Dieter Rams designs could be displayed on the walls over a large area at a low cost. For the optimal presentation of the smaller BRAUN products Burghard Leitner constructive systems were used, which were provided with individual pictures and texts.

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