Vinyl letters

Vinyl letters are colored letters, logos or lettering that are cut out of a full-color adhesive film by computer control. This procedure is called "plotting". After all contours of a film script have been plotted, the self-adhesive film is de-icing. The unneeded foil material is removed and the plotted vinyl letters is released. In the last step, the plotted and de-latticed (optional) film script is provided with a transfer film. With this transfer film later the plotted vinyl letters z. B. transferred to an exhibition wall.

At MARTINCOLOR films are processed in print widths up to 160 cm. H. Large-area signets can also be produced. The range of transparent, full-color adhesive films, effect and perforated films is extensive.

NEW: In the "Print & Cut" process, a high-performance adhesive film is provided with an individual 4-color imprint, from which subsequently digitally entered shapes are cut out.

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