Textile frames

Our aluminum textile frames give your motif a particularly noble frame. Whether on walls as a picture frame, hanging freely from the ceiling or as a room divider in your office: With textile clamping frames, you can always put your designs on textile materials without wrinkles in scene. The technique of textile tentering frame is especially suitable for frequently changing motifs. The textile prints are finished with a flat PVC piping (rubber lip) and are simply inserted into the circumferential groove of the sturdy aluminum clamping frame. As a result, the printing part is stretched absolutely wrinkle-free.

We offer aluminum textile frames unilaterally in a construction depth of 35 mm for wall mounting, as a double-sided variant in 45 mm (as a suspension or freestanding) or as an illuminated LED textile clamping frame in a construction depth of 80 mm.

The advantages of textile clamping frames at a glance:

  1. With large-format frames for trade fairs, transport plays an important role. The textile tenter frames can be shipped dismantled, so that the transport and logistics costs can be kept very low.
  2. Since the textile clamping frame is made of aluminum, it is very light and can be easily transported, but also fixed. In addition, there is no danger that it will distort over time.
  3. The attachment of the frame to the wall can be done without special tools and for the clamping of the textiles you need even no tools.
  4. Due to the easy handling, the motifs can be exchanged quickly and easily (advertising material).
  5. Because of the uncomplicated change of motif, the use of PVC panels can be dispensed with. The materials and printing inks used are also PVC-free, odorless, meet the requirements of fire protection class B1 and are therefore much more environmentally friendly.
  6. Since the fabrics are made of crease-resistant fabric, they can be shipped without damage folded or stored and so used again at any time.
  7. Unlike many other picture frames, the textile frame is very discreet and the motif is always in the foreground.

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