In our prepress department, we carefully examine the data you provide and carry out a comprehensive analysis to ensure that it meets the required quality standard. We check every aspect of your files, from the resolution of images to the color mode and file format compatibility. If necessary, we perform detailed color correction so that the colors on the printed product match your expectations. If desired, we optimize image quality, remove unwanted elements and adjust the size and positioning of images and graphics to achieve the best possible printing result. Another important step in our prepress process is the layout and typesetting of your content. We attach great importance to ensuring that texts are arranged clearly and legibly and that graphics and images interact harmoniously with the text. Our media designers also check whether the overall design of your printed matter looks professional and appealing. Before we prepare your files for final printing, we are happy to create appropriate proofs on the material on which the print output will later take place. This way you can ensure the final printed product is exactly what you expected before it goes into production. Prepress plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and consistency of printed materials and is an essential part of the entire printing process.


Our services at a glance:

File preparation: Checking your data for image resolutions and color modes and adapting files for the respective print output

Color correction: Adjusting colors and color profiles to ensure they are reproduced correctly in the printing process

Image editing: Editing images to improve quality, remove unwanted elements or adjust the images to the desired size

Layout and typesetting: Checking whether the text and graphics used are completely reproduced on the print output in accordance with the desired design

Proofing: Upon request, creation of proofs that are presented to you for review and approval before final printing occurs

Adaptation of the print files: If required, conversion of the digital design into the file format used for the actual printing process

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