The refurbishment work is gaining momentum in the Bolongaro Palace in Frankfurt / Höchst. Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann unveiled a "wall of thought" by the highest photography artist Jürgen Wiesner at the fence in the garden. The wall of thought was fabricated by the specialists of MARTINCOLOR on tarpaulin material and then mounted on site at the construction fence.

In the morning and evening light, Jürgen Wiesner photographed the events from 1980 to 1982 on the banks of the Main. In 1981 the harbor was closed. The pictures by Jürgen Wiesner show a kaleidoscope of the everyday, which can not be seen as it is today: the old yaw ferry, a street sweeper with swans, loading cranes in the fog, wet cobblestones, timber for the furniture factories, rusted anchor chains. With his "wall of thought", the photographer accompanied the demolition of the Grossmarkthalle at the ECB construction site. In the garden of the Bolongaro Palace, the "wall of thought" now covers the fence - complemented by historical photographs of the interior of the palace from the time when it was still the town hall of the city of Höchst.

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