Sky storming

How and why did Frankfurt go to heaven? This question is posed by an exhibition that was on display in the Architekturmuseum Frankfurt. The exhibition "Sky storming" offers an overview of the high-rise history of the city: from reconstruction after 1945 to the housing conflict in the West End to the present day of the global financial markets.

MARTINCOLOR created the complete illustration for this exhibition. All prints were made using environmentally friendly latex printing technology, then laminated on black forex plates and provided with special hangers. In addition, all image motifs were provided with separate labeling panels. For the large-scale presentation, some motifs were printed on wallpaper material and applied to the walls of the museum.

The MC assembly team assembled large typing sequences, plotter fonts, wallpapers and signets on site. More information about our exhibition service is available from Micheline Beilner on tel. +49 (0) 69 756080-73.

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