Textile folding wall

Whenever you are looking for a presentation wall that can be set up quickly and easily, you will choose one of the foldable textile walls shown below. 

There are different variants of textile folding walls. The textile folding wall Easy Fabric, for example, is a classic option that can be set up in a matter of seconds. Here, the individual textile graphic covering adheres directly to the Velcro frame of the system. When the folding wall system is unfolded, the textile covering is already on the system. This eliminates the time-consuming task of removing and attaching the fabric covering from the lattice frame and the textile folding wall is quickly ready for use. But replacing the textile covering is also possible without much effort; simply remove the existing textile graphic from the Velcro fastening and attach the new graphic covering. 

The folded textile folding wall is transported in a rollable bag that is not much bigger than a sports bag. This means that your folding wall will have enough space even in a small car.

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