GRID Lightbox

A world first is the first foldable illuminated display: GRID Lightbox! The GRID Lightbox is just as easy to set up as all the scissor lattice systems from our Easy Fabric or GRID family. The scissor lattice framework is "pimped up" in one second. Subsequently, LED curtains are hung in the individual fields of the scaffolding. These radiate 100% in the front area and 80% in the back area of ​​the system.

The GRID Lightbox is provided with a system groove around the circumference, in which textile diamaterial is clamped crease-free by means of rubber cords. Thus, the GRID light display on the front, on the sides and also on the back with Spanndiamaterial provided. Since the grid is white, no system struts are visible during fluoroscopy.

The construction of GRID Lightbox is so fast that within a few minutes a screen of 5 m² is built up. The printing of the individualized graphics is done on high-resolution HD-Spanndiamaterial. GRID Lightbox folds up small and can be transported with the LED curtains in a trolley measuring 23 x 35 x 90 cm. The tensioning diamond material is rolled up on a core and thus transported and stored.

The highlight of GRID Lightbox is that it can be combined with all folding walls from the GRID family to create an attractive booth. Thus, GRID Lightbox is an easy to set up and glowing exhibition solution!

Possible formats:
1 x 3 fields: 78 x 225 cm
2 x 3 fields: 151 x 225 cm
3 x 3 fields: 225 x 225 cm
4 x 3 fields: 300 x 225 cm
5 x 3 fields: 375 x 225 cm

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