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Mobile exhibition wall

Present your company at a trade fair or event with a high-quality mobile exhibition wall by MARTINCOLOR. A mobile exhibition wall is always the right alternative if a trade fair stand is to be transported in small format by car or by train. Of course, the ease of assembly and disassembly speaks for a mobile exhibition wall, because it can be installed by only one person on site. For the construction of the exhibition wall no tools or other tools are needed.

The range of mobile exhibition walls is extensive. There are mobile scissor lattice systems with textile covering or pop-up systems with magnetic graphic lanes, which are joined together to form a uniform picture. On our large picture you can see z. Eg a ZipperWall exhibition wall. This presentation wall consists of a pipe system, which is put together to form a wall scaffold. An individual, high-resolution textile print is pulled over this frame, which is closed at the bottom with a zipper. So the textile printing is always optimally stretched. The entire mobile exhibition wall ZippWall can be packed and transported in a transport trolley that is no bigger than an elongated sports bag. ZippWall exhibition walls are not only mobile, easy to set up and small-format in transport, they are also particularly cost-effective! This makes ZippWall the mobile exhibition wall that we recommend if you want to buy a reasonably priced presentation system.

  • Mobile LED Exhibition Wall ALU STAR

    The "all-rounder" LED exhibition stand
    Modular & high quality made of aluminum
    Max. wall size 500 x 300 cm

    INCL. 2 PRINTS FROM: 907.00 €

    Advantage: easy construction
    Material: stretch cover with zipper
    Size: many heights & widths

    INCL. PRINT FROM: 607.00 € (2,5x2,3m)

    LED exhibition stand for beginners
    Easy setup for inexperienced users
    W: 85, 100, 200, 300 · H: 200, 225, 250

    INCL. 2 PRINTS FROM: 635.00 €

    Advantage: the "all-rounder"
    Material: graphic tracks with magnets
    Size: W: extendable · H: 229, 249 cm

    INCL. PRINT FROM: 1,306.00 €

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