Linde AG

In addition to the popular ISOframe Wave exhibition system, MARTINCOLOR also offers another, flexible exhibition stand system. This is the system LinkWall. LinkWall consists of a sturdy cassette banner system in 90 cm width. A flexibly movable connection link allows multiple cassette banner systems to be interconnected. The connection links are available in two widths (27 cm or 60 cm) and can be flexibly bent. For our customer Linde AG, three of these cassette banners were provided with two 60 cm wide connection links. The exhibition wall can be bent on these connecting links. However, the banners inside the cassettes are not bendable. Depending on requirements, any number of cassette banner systems can be connected to one another. LinkWall is therefore also suitable for U- and L-shaped stands. LinkWall is available in two system heights: 220 cm and 250 cm. More information about this system can be found here.

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