The principle Kramer

Design for variable use

Ferdinand Kramer (1898-1985) is considered one of the most important architects and designers of German design modernism. With new ideas about the use of things - the term "mobile iar" he took literally - Kramer gave expression to the changing living conditions of the 20th century.
The Museum of Applied Arts presents the exhibition "The Principle Kramer" in Frankfurt am Main. Design for variable use a comprehensive retrospective Kramer. Many are known as architects of major projects such as the "New Frankfurt" of the 1920s or the Goethe University Frankfurt in the postwar period, Kramer is presented here as a designer.

MARTINCOLOR took over the production of the large-format wallpaper prints shown in the exhibition. These were assembled on-site by the MC assembly team. In addition, a large number of photo prints were created, documenting the use of Kramer furniture in daily use.

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