LED exhibition stand

An LED exhibition stand is the eye-catcher at any trade fair. With our illuminated exhibition stand solutions, assembly and dismantling is child's play and can be carried out easily even by inexperienced exhibitors. MARTINCOLOR offers various LED exhibition stand solutions that are fitted with large-format textile slides so that your customised advertising can be brilliantly displayed. Different wall formats are possible depending on the LED exhibition wall. Here are our illuminated walls at a glance:

ALU STAR - the modular LED exhibition stand

The ALU STAR illuminated exhibition stand features a sturdy aluminium frame construction that can be assembled without tools. POWER LEDs are already installed in the 12 cm wide aluminium profiles. We offer ALU STAR LED exhibition walls in the system widths 88 cm, 100 cm, 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm and 500 cm as standard. You can extend each system width by 50 cm, 75 cm or 100 cm using extensions. In other words, this makes the ALU STAR LED exhibition wall our only REALLY modular LED illuminated wall. You order a 200 cm wide ALU STAR LED exhibition wall today and extend it by 100 cm in six months. As you can cover the illuminated wall with a new textile slide again and again, you can also use it in a width of 300 cm. Despite its size, you can also transport ALU STAR in a normal car.

GRID Lightbox - the foldable LED exhibition stand

The GRID Lightbox offers a visually striking illuminated wall system. In contrast to our LED plug-in frame systems, the GRID Lightbox also illuminates the 30 cm deep side panels. Just like the illuminated front of the LED exhibition wall, you also cover the side sections with a textile slide. This gives this illuminated exhibition stand a third dimension! The system structure of the GRID Lightbox consists of a scissor grid frame that you equip with rollable LED curtains. You attach all-round plug-in rails to the system body, into which you insert a large textile slide. We offer the GRID LED exhibition wall in the sizes 75 x 225 cm, 150 x 225 cm, 225 x 225 cm, 300 x 225 cm and 375 x 225 cm.

PIXLIP GO - the "convenience" LED exhibition stand

Our illuminated PIXLIP GO exhibition stand is smart and very easy to set up. PIXLIP GO illuminated walls are particularly popular with self-assemblers who do not have much experience with exhibition systems. As the frame profiles of PIXLIP GO are made of plastic, handling is easy and convenient. The plastic profiles of the system are assembled without tools. The powerful LEDs are already built into the profiles. PIXLIP GO is available in system widths of 85 cm, 100 cm, 200 cm and 300 cm and system heights of 150 cm, 200 cm and 250 cm. A textile slide with your advertising message is simply inserted into the illuminated frame. That's it! A practical carrier bag is available for transporting PIXLIP GO, suitable for use in cars of course.

ALU LightUp - the LED exhibition stand with the best price-performance ratio

With our new ALU LightUp LED exhibition system, you can create an impressive, illuminated exhibition stand at your event even on a small budget. The 8 cm deep aluminium profile of ALU LightUp contains powerful LEDs. The feet of the system are already firmly attached to the frame, so you only need to unscrew them to set it up. Simply insert the textile covering with your customised graphic print into the illuminated frame and your illuminated wall is ready! We supply ALU LightUp in system widths of 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. The construction height extends up to 250 cm. You can combine several LED exhibition walls of different widths to create a complete LED exhibition stand. Of course, you can easily transport a complete ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand by car.

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