ISOframe Wave exhibition stand

No other system allows a trade fair exhibitor more flexibility than ISOframe Wave. The complete exhibition system can be bent into almost any desired shape and can be expanded with accessory modules such as tables, monitor holders, counters, ceiling hangers, showcases, shelves, doors and lamps. A lockable storage room can also be integrated into an ISOframe stand. This means that no customer has to decide in advance which type of construction is required at a trade fair because the system can be adapted to any situation. This is made possible by the patented flexi-shaft connection, which connects each of the vertical system supports. With 80 cm wide add-on elements, ISOframe Wave can be extended as desired. Especially practical and simple is the structure of the system. Unlike many other exhibition systems, there are no difficulties with screws, nuts and bolts. ISOframe Wave is tool-free thanks to the quick-clamp connection elements and can be quickly installed by inexperienced users.

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