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Buy exhibition wall

If you want to buy an exhibition wall, you are at the right address. We offer many different exhibition walls. You can find mobile exhibition walls, modular exhibition walls, luminous exhibition walls, flexible bendable exhibition walls, folding display exhibition walls, tension frame exhibition walls and you can buy an exhibition wall with which you can construct a complete exhibition stand. By means of special connectors, these exhibition walls can be firmly connected to each other. This works "around corners" as well as with straight wall developments. Thus, a fully functional, mobile exhibition stand can be built.

Our LED exhibition walls are particularly popular. Illuminated walls can be used at trade fairs either as free-standing back walls or they can be converted into an illuminated trade fair stand in conjunction with other LED trade fair walls. At you will find many reference trade show booths that show how effectively an LED trade show wall can be used.

  • buying an exhibition wall

Below is a selection of trade show walls that are particularly practical and easy to set up even for inexperienced exhibitors. Textile folding displays, such as Expand Media Fabric, are ready for use in seconds. This is so quick because the graphic covering is directly on the trade fair wall, so that the complete folding wall is up within a few minutes.
The individual graphic print is made on foldable textile material, which is washable at 30 degrees.

Another interesting trade show wall purchase is our flexible bendable system ISOframe Wave. This exhibition wall model opens many new possibilities. The exhibition wall is an "all-rounder", so you can construct curved or straight walls, columns or curves from one and the same exhibition wall. This makes ISOframe Wave a perfect fit for your trade show booth space, while being portable, easy to assemble and modular. Because ISOframe Wave is made up of modular elements, individual segments can also be used on their own, allowing for trade show walls of varying widths depending on the application. Also, the ISOframe Wave exhibition wall can be additionally extended with screens, shelves and storage areas.

Our LED exhibition walls are brand new. Here we show the ALU LightUp lighting system, which can be installed in no time and has an unmissable effect. The LED system consists of aluminum profiles that are simply plugged together to form a frame. The feet and LED modules are already pre-assembled. The individual diabes are plugged into the light frame profile and the frame is connected to the power supply. Done! Please also inform yourself at

Last but not least you will find a large selection of different folding displays from various manufacturers such as EXPAND, Nomadic, Expo Systemtechnik, Laarhoven and Expolinc. You can find more information on our website under exhibition walls

Please call us if we may be of further assistance. You can reach us at Tel. 069-756080-81.

    Advantage: quick construction
    Material: textile cover
    Size: W: 79–453 cm · H: 228 cm

    INCL. PRINT FROM: 529.25 €

    Advantage: the "all-rounder"
    Material: graphic tracks with magnets
    Size: W: extendable · H: 229, 249 cm

    INCL. PRINT FROM: 1,501.00 €

    LED exhibition stand with top price!
    Ideal for self builders
    W: 85, 100, 200 cm · H: up to 250 cm

    INCL. 2 PRINTS FROM: 648.50 €

    Advantage: the MC bestseller
    Material: graphic tracks with magnets
    Size: different widths

    INCL. PRINT FROM: 1,739.00 €

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