RollUp Deluxe

The RollUp Deluxe is a high quality and stylish RollUp system. The aluminum system cassette has chrome-plated side panels and a very secure footing. The system has small, rotatable feet at the bottom, which makes the system completely straight. The graphics print is protected in the base of the system and is presented by simply "pulling out". The graphic is fixed by a telescopic rod on the back (possible system height from 160 cm to a maximum of 225 cm). A particular advantage is the ability to easily switch the integrated graphics printing itself, since the system has a clamping rail both at the top and at the bottom in the system cassette. The system comes with a double lined carrying bag. The graphics are printed on B1-certified Bannersoft material 720 dpi, aluminum material or aluminum material with scratch-resistant protective film coating 1200 dpi. If necessary, of course, the graphics pressure can be replaced by a new, more recent printing. So one and the same system can be used over many years.

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