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Whenever soundproofed retreats are sought in an "open space" office, MELLO is an oasis of calm! Inspired by the look of a pedestal, MELLO offers space and armchairs in one. The MELLO room-in-room solution offers protection and privacy for phone calls, concentrated work or just to relax. Especially with the new, open office landscapes, it is important to offer the appropriate platform for all office activities.

Our MELLO product line offers a wide range of soundproof room-in-room solutions that meet the highest demands in terms of design and execution. The soft lines of the objects and a wide range of colors of our sound-absorbing Synergy textile fabrics give MELLO that "certain something"! Synergy acoustic fabrics are light, yet robust and made from 95% wool. You have a choice of 75 colors and many possible combinations.

  • 069/75 60 80-0


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